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The Machine Gun Kristin Marathon Show

The Machine Gun Kristin Marathon Show:
Thursday August 27, 2009.
Bands: Hot Hands, Garbo's Daughter, Bunnygrunt, Sex Robots, Courtneys, Saving Twilight.
Venue: Wills Pub. 1042 N Mills Avenue.Orlando, Florida 32803. Doors at 8pm. $6 cover. 18&up.

It's always been sort of a joke for how many bands an Orlando musician can be in - at one time, especially if you are a drummer. Since moving to Orlando in 2004 from Coral Springs, drummer Kristin Messina has been in about seven bands. More if you include her bands (Dethlehem, Argento's Children) with her brother Eric Messina down South. Kristin had always joked around "Wouldn't it be cool if all my bands played the same show?" Well, the answer is: she's gonna try. Four of her current and past bands are confirmed: Garbo's Daughter, Hot Hands, Courtneys, and Saving Twilight are slated to play Wills Pub Thursday August 27th.

Impressive is not the amount of bands she's been a member of but the difference in styles. From the power pop beginnings with The Sharp Objects (who were the opening act for punk legends Angry Samoans on the first and only Florida tour) with Hannah Miller on guitar/vocals and boyfriend Jeffrey Howard on bass guitar (who authors the long running Orlando webzine Kick Bright Zine ( and was bassist in rock band The Hot Six).

Then came the infamous Teddy and the Fratgirls (a punk band from South Florida in the late 70's) cover band that became known as Jeanie and the Tits. It was fronted by Jeanie Peaden along with guitarist Mary Dodd and bassist Yochi Long. One of their first shows (January 2006) would be opening for Black Lips. Kristin began to help write lyrics for that bands first original songs. She would be in this band for a little over a year, leaving in 2007.

About the same time she joined Jeanie and the Tits, the opportunity came to drum for Courtneys (first show February 2006 at Skull Kingdom), a girl powered indie rock band fronted by Courtney Matzke and Courtney Rackley. Jeffrey Howard also joined this band on bass. They played all over Florida, released a CD and toured in the summer of 2006 (in which Messina and Howard would be engaged). She would continue to be in Courtneys until July of 2008.

In late 2006 Kristin Messina and Jeffrey Howard would form their own two-piece rock band called Hot Hands with the intention of being a little more crazy and noisy than their other bands. Things picked up for Hot Hands in 2008 as they played all over the south east (Georgia, Alabama and North Florida). They released their own cassette of live recordings on their record label KBZ (aka Kick Bright Zine Records). The two just completed another tour of the south east in July 2009.

Also in 2006 Kristin was in a one time performance of three songs of a band called Bitch Hips just to play in Florida's Dying Rockfight show made up of new made-up bands (Hot Hands debut would also be at Rockfight).

June of 2008 brought in yet another band: Garbo's Daughter, an all girl power-pop band with deep roots in the girl groups of the 50's and 60's and teen idols of the 70's with vocalist/guitarist Mandy Mullins (sister of Freddy Mullins of The Future on Films in Space/Fantasie) and Jaime Sparrowhawk on bass. Their pure bubblegum pop goodness have been talk of the town since. Califonia label Burger Records is releasing their debut recording by the end of the year, as well as appearing on local label Florida's Dying "Party Platter" compilation LP.

Late 2008 Kristin and Jeffrey became the backing band for Saving Twilight, led by the twee pop queen of Orlando, Geannie Friedman. She's had many of Orlando greats in her band at some point (members have gone on to Cobra Starship and This Ivy League). Jeffrey and Kristin had been fans of hers for years so they couldn't say no. They played a couple of shows with her in 2008 and 2009. Geannie has moved on to form a new band, Weak Ends, with her friend Sam Metro.

In addition two St. Louis bands are playing: Bunnygrunt and Sex Robots. Bunnygrunt are perhaps inventors of the "cuddlecore" genre. They've been at it for 13 years now. This is the first time they've come to Orlando. They share bandmates with Sex Robots.



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